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  • Shmuel Kessler started the conversation

    Thanks for the theme! In Hewo Wordpress theme, I can't get comments to show up on a single post page. It says "17 comments" but doesn't actually show the comments. Am I missing a setting? Is there an update?

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    Ali replied

    Hello, kindly give me your dashboard account, I will fix this bug.

    (please send as private message.)

    Thank you.

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  • Shmuel Kessler replied

    Just following up on this. Thanks!

  • Shmuel Kessler replied

    Hi, would love to use this theme. Still needing to add the comments on the single post template. Thanks!

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    Ali replied

    Hello, kindly open functions.php file

    Go to line 594 and change

    case ' ':


    case 'comment': 

    Save your file.

    We have also fixed the bug and updated the product on Gumroad. You can download the latest version from Gumroad. Thank you.

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