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Comments not showing in posts after WordPress 5.5 update


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    Hello, when updating Wordpress to a new version, I noticed that the comments on the posts will disappear. I checked all the settings and they were correct. When I took the test, changing the theme, I found that the problem was the TimesNews theme. As you can see in the images, I took a printscreen as shown in the image tema_diferente.png, in this image the comments appeared. When switching to the TimesNews theme as shown in the tema_timesnews.png image, comments do not appear.

    After several attempts I managed to discover that the problem is the TimesNews theme. So I come to ask your help to update the topic to resolve this issue. Today Wordpress upgraded to version 5.6. I ask your help to correct this problem.

    Thank you in advance, I am waiting for a solution.

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    Ali replied

    Hello, kindly give us your dashboard account, we will fix this bug. Thanks.

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