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Images and comments not showing


  • Francisco Fernandes started the conversation

    Hello team,

    Bought your template last week. Two things don't seem to be working:

    1) Widget Alitheme Lastpost is not showing the images of Style 3. I found out that the image is supposedly linking to a new image called "imagename" followed by -alith-resize-x.jpg. The thing is this image is not being uploaded anywhere, so I would like to know how to solve this as I need a style display that shows a small image next to the title of the post. For reference, see in the link the menu with the title "meet incredible business ideas".

    2) no comments are being shown in the posts, regardless of the type of post. Upon clicking to see all comments, all it shows is a form to type a new comment. WordPress Backoffice lists all the comments, though, so it's a frontend problem.


  • Francisco Fernandes replied


    Can you please answer my ticket? It has been 11 days since I opened the ticket, the problems persist and there has been no reply from your side.

    URL: http://ec2-18-134-239-9.eu-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase.
    There is a problem in our support system, and we did not receive this ticket from you. The support is back online now and we apologize for any inconvenience.

    With your problem please send us your dashboard login account, we will fix it.
    Thank you.

  •   Francisco Fernandes replied privately
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    Ali replied


    1. The Post thumbnail is showing on Widget Alitheme Lastpost - Style 3

    2. The comments is showing now: http://ec2-18-134-239-9.eu-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/2020/12/02/just-a-test/

    Please check again. Thanks.

  • Francisco Fernandes replied

    Hi! Thanks for the update but:

    1- the thumbnail now shows normal sized images, not the template that was set before (you can check on mobile to verify this). It is now the same looking as the other thumbnails, instead of the small images...

    2- the comments do not show the name of the person... Kind of trouble to answer people without the names.

    Could you please check again?

  • Francisco Fernandes replied


    There seems to be extreme difficulty in establishing communication with you. Let me put this simple: I need to get the template I bought or a refund as this does not serve my needs. After several hours trying to make it right, I could not achieve any satisfactory results.

    Here's an image of your mobile widget Style 1 versus what I get on my template (photo_1.png).

    Here's what you delivered on Style 3 that was not showing images, web, and mobile (photo_2.png).

    If, after looking at the pictures you cannot spot the problem, I kindly wish you to refund me and let's just forget about this disgraceful experience.

    Lastly, again, the comment section does not show the name of the user...

    Alternatively, point out where I can edit the style and HTML of each of these blocks and I will do it easily. But unless I know the locations, there's nothing I can do.

    Kindly fix it or reach out to handle refund.



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  • Francisco Fernandes replied

    The only thing I wanted was to have this template, not more, not less: http://demos.alithemes.com/html/merinda/index.html

    After all, this is what lured me into paying for the product. But this is absolutely not what I got. The differences are astonishing.

    You even manage to have two sections in the middle of the page covering full width and without sidebar (photo_3.png). Where is the option to include that in Wordpress?

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