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Wordpress 5.5 update, Metabox conflict


  • Anaid Perez started the conversation

    I use RankMath to measure SEO. Since the wordpress 5.5 update I wasn't able to edit the SEO in the entries' snippet in the basic Gutenberg block editor.

    Rank Math recommended me to install "Enable jQuery Migrate Helper" plugin. It fixed the issue with Rank Math, but it showed me the following advice:

    https://*mysite*/wp-content/plugins/embe-core/assets/metabox.scripts.js: jQuery.fn.live() is deprecated

    Please make sure you are using the latest version of all your plugins and your theme. If you are, you can ask the developers of the code mentioned in the warnings to make an update.

    Will there be an update to embe for the new version of Wordpress?

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    Ali replied

    Hello thank you for the information, we will fix this in the next update soon. Please wait. Thanks.