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Script Error in HTML theme


  • ppaliwal89 started the conversation

    I just downloaded the theme files and upon opening up the index page, I see error in the script file, says ".Lazy is not a function".

    I initially opened this ticket as private but got no response thus posting again as public.

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    Ali replied

    Hello, kindly give me your site URL, I will check. Thanks.

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    Ali replied

    Hello, what is the platform you used? like WordPress....?

  • ppaliwal89 replied

    No, I am using a static site generator called Jekyll.

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    Ali replied

    Sorry, we do not work with Jekyll, so we can not help you.

  • ppaliwal89 replied

    Hi, This is a really absurd response which I got from you and was not expecting it. First of all, how does it matter what backend I'm using coz ultimately your HTML, your CSS, your JS is getting rendered. Let's not get too far into this argument but to ease up things for you, I have recorded a short video of 1 minute showcasing the problem which you might want to take a look.


    This video clearly shows that the HTML files which are coming as part of the package have the error.

    I understand that you don't want to help, if you would have really cared about looking at the problem, you would have already done that by now; but that's your choice and I don't want to comment on that.

    However, what I do want is to request for a refund as I am absolutely, in no way happy with the responses and the support that you are giving, and now I myself don't care if you provide a fix for it or not, coz I can see the future if I go ahead with the theme what sort of support I should be expecting. Thank god I did not choose the extended support while making the purchase.

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    Ali replied

    Hello, kindly give me your order ID (on ThemeForest), we will check again.

  • ppaliwal89 replied

    Here is the order id: 116222647

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    Ali replied

    Hello, We have checked and corrected javascript errors. We have updated it on ThemeForest and are awaiting approval. Right now, you can download the new version in the attached file.

    Thank you.

    Attached files:  merinda-html-v2.0-unzip-first.zip

  • ppaliwal89 replied

    Hi, can you please tell me what files you have made changes to explicitly?

  • ppaliwal89 replied

    Can I expect a reply?

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    Ali replied

    Hello, we are offline at weekend.

    Here is the change"

    Go to assets/js/scripts.js

    1. Remove line from 40 to line 47:

      $(function() {
          $('.lazy').Lazy( {
            scrollDirection: 'vertical',
            effect: 'fadeIn',
            visibleOnly: true,

    2. Remove line from 81 to line113

    3. Remove line 119 (owlCarausel();)