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Image resolution on the entire website


  • ppaliwal89 started the conversation

    Hi, I have a problem with getting the images right. You have used Placeholder images of a particular size on the homepage and everywhere in the theme, however in reality the images are of different sizes and the site should adapt to the image and resize it as and when needed which doesn't seem to be the case.

    The images are getting displayed weirdly, some are huge, some are small and they don't align properly when they are small and there has to be a maximum space that the image should be taking rather than displaying the full blown image.

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    Ali replied


    For cropping images, you have to do it using programming code, like PHP or ASP...
    The Merinda template provided is purely HTML, and there is no solution for cropping the image.


  • ppaliwal89 replied


    I understand that image processing is going to be a server side thing, however if you take a look at the attached screenshot, all of it are directly tied to HTML/CSS properties. No where I am referring to server side logics.

    Let me know if you need further inforamation.