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  • cikafidir started the conversation

    Hello, as you can see in the attachment, we don't have the options same as your document here http://alithemes.com/documents/embe/

    Layout settings are different and there is no "off canvas" option. 

    Can you help me with that? How can we get those options?

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase.

    We just updated this theme to version 1.3, so kindly download from ThemeForest and re-install.

    Thanks .

  • cikafidir replied

    Thank you for your reply. I re-installed the theme but there is no change in theme settings. And after the update carousel posts on mainpage is not optimizing. It was set up 700x700 and not working. I add attachment. And how can we delete auther from all posts in main page. I can delete inside the posts but in main page, under posts there is auther, date, read time. How can we delete them?

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    Ali replied


    1. For the Offcanvas option, I think you also need re-install the EmBe Core Plugin, because this is plugin area.

    2. If you set the image size is 700px x 700px, You need to make sure your original image is larger than 700 x 700 (both width and height).

  • cikafidir replied

    hi, how can we delete that admin title(author) in the screenshot i send? 

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    Ali replied


    1. Apperance -> Theme Editor -> inc -> helper

    2. Open helper.php

    3. find alith_embe_entry_meta function

    4. Change $author=true to $author=false

    5. Update file

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  • cikafidir replied

    Thank you very much. That was very helpful. And how can we delete these too?

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