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How to get "Hight light today" and "Editors‘ Pick" with my articles


  • webemerald started the conversation


    I bought your theme Liberty because I see the Demo and I like it so much: http://demos.alithemes.com/liberte/default/

    But, now, on my test site https://www.guidallasicurezza.emeraldlab.it/
    I can't reach the same result with my articles. I don't want to import the entire magazine theme I just want to get the "Hight light today" and "Editors‘ Pick" sections in my website with my real articles. 

    Because on my website, I only can get the "Recent posts" section. I looked in the Theme options many times but I didn't found a solution. Can you help me?

    Thank you,


  • webemerald replied

    Nevermind. I find it on widget.

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase. If you need more support, kindly contact our supporter via skype: manhhieu029, he will help you.

    Best regards,

  • webemerald replied

    Thank you for the contact.

    I just write on skype to manhhieu029, tell him to accept "Emerald Communication" please.

    My issue is:

    I'm trying to change the language of the theme in italian.

    As you can see I change "Today is" in "Oggi è" and "SEARCH" in "CERCA" but I can't find a solution to change the date. I want to change it from "September" to "Settembre" and also for all the others months. There is a solution for my issue?