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img resolutions used


  • adamNRyan started the conversation

    Hello there! Great template (HEWO)

    I was just looking through to see if I could find all the various resolutions/scales that you used, (for my sourcing cropping etc) I found the following, but are there any more?

    1300x866 (single hero, repeated smaller in article)

    797x589 (index hero)

    700x475 (larger link)

    500x400 (medium link)

    200x175 (thumbnail link)

    100x100 (thumbnail link)

    85x85 (popup thumbnail rec.)

    Sorry for troubling, I had a look but couldn't find it listed, sorry!


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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase. 

    For your question: That is all image size we used in this template.


    And we have a WordPress version for this template, view details here:


    Best regards,

  • adamNRyan replied

    Cool! Thanks, very nice template! [CLOSED]