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  • Trade-Spectrum started the conversation

    On most single.html, there is a page border around the page. And I would like to know which CSS class has the border so I could put it on all of the pages inside of the website. Thanks in advanced!

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase.

    To use the boxed layout, kindly add the "boxed" class to Wrapper div.

    Please view the attached file.

    Thank you.

    Attached files:  boxed.jpg

  • Trade-Spectrum replied

    I thank you for the Response, also sorry for the late response, but it goes around everywhere, I want it to go just down the article, basically make it a border, however, I can't seem to play around with the margins to get it correct, is there a way to have it just around the article. 



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    Ali replied

    Hello, can you take a screenshot?

    Please describe your request with images, we have not really understood your request.