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How do I set up on-demand website posts


  • jacksonmeires started the conversation


    I'm new here, I made the configuration following the documentation that made available to download the theme, however, I think I'm doing some wrong configuration, because when the scroll bar goes down, the posts are already loaded, they are not coming as in the example of the theme "http: /demos.alithemes.com/timenews/magazine/". By installing on my site, I was not loading on demand as in your example. How do I get my site posts loaded on-demand?

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase. Please give me your website link and screenshots.

  • jacksonmeires replied

    This is his temporary address.


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    Ali replied

    I have visited your website, but I still do not understand what the problem you are talking about? What do you need me to fix? Please give me screenshots or or explain more clearly.