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changing the content of sliders


  • Ross McSwain started the conversation

    I love the sliders but only have two stories in there - my problem that I cant locate any documentation that will show me how to change both the content and the number. i have looked at the documentation but that doesn't tell me how I can affect the changes I want. Rather than have the same stories on the slider for weeks, i would like to be able to change the number and the subject....hoping you can help me 

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase.

    You can create a new category, name it "Slideshow". Then go to the widgets -> Home Slideshow, in Category field, you select the category you just created. The posts in category Slideshow will display on homepage.

    For more help, kindly contact our supporter via skype: manhhieu029, he will help you.

    Thanks you.

  •   Ross McSwain replied privately
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    Ali replied


    Kindly go to Widgets -> Home Slideshow, here you can set the number of posts and you can choose the category. View the attached file. Thank you.

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