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The Google Fonts plogin doesnt work


  • Heteroptero started the conversation

    Hi there,

    I cannot bring the Alithemes Google fonts plugin to work. I have tried many things, with no success. I cannot choose any font, but the default one.

    Im using a TimeNews Theme.

    Could you tell me how to solve this issue? Can you tell me of an example of an css selector that i could write to change the fonts?

    I have tried with a lot a css codes Ive seen on the internet, with no success.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ali replied

    Hello, thank you for your purchase.

    To change the body font, you can use the selector: body,p,.except

    To change the post title, you can use the selector: .post-title,.post-title-normal

    Kindly view the attached file.

    If you need more support, kindly contact our staff via Skype: manhhieu029, he will help you.

    Also, we will update AlithemesGoogleFonts soon, will be easier for use.

    Best regards,

    Attached files:  font.png

  • Heteroptero replied

    Thank you very much, but that doesnt solve my problem. Please view the attached file I send...

    Attached files:  googlefontproblem.jpg

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    Ali replied

    Kindly try with other browser, ex Firefox.

    or contact our staff via skype: manhhieu029

    Thank you.

  • Heteroptero replied

    Ok. Im having problems visiting my site with Firefox due to the DNS propagation System. It is a new blog... As far I can do it, Ill chek it and I let you know. Thenl you very much.

  • Heteroptero replied

    (Sorry, this message was for another ticket.... Just delete it, please).

  • Heteroptero replied


    I have tried with Mozilla... and it doesnt work. I still beeing unable to see any fonts but the Default one.

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    Ali replied

    for this issue, kindly contact our supporter via Skype: manhhieu029, he will help you.

    or, kindly give us account to login your dashboard, we will check.

    thank you.

  • Heteroptero replied

    Ok. I have added manhhieu029 to my Skype Account. Waiting for response... Thank you.